About Our Event

Corvallis Spring Roll is an annual bike and trike ride and cycle fair for kids 12 and younger. Our event is a fun, public way to encourage kids to ride their bikes while giving them the opportunity to learn and practice bike safety – both on the road and off. Registration is required for the road ride, but the cycle fair is free and open to the public.


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We partner with like-minded community organizations and businesses to promote active lifestyles for kids, safe bicycling habits and community livability. Learn more about our vibrant bicycling community and our partners and friends below.

Team Dirt

Their Off-Road Course made its debut at our 2012 event. Built by volunteers, each obstacle allows kids to practice mountain biking skills such as balance, maintaining momentum, and banking turns in a safe space where they can be spotted by an adult. The experience is great prep for Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day in the fall!

Team Dirt, a Chapter of IMBA, is dedicated to the stewardship of sustainable, multiple-use, and purpose built trails, to preserve access for mountain bikers through advocacy and education, and to promote responsible trail use. Team Dirt is a nonprofit, volunteer organization that works in conjunction with the BLM, Starker Forests, OSU College of Forestry, the USFS and other land managers to build and maintain trails throughout Benton County.

Corvallis Safe Routes to School

Corvallis Safe Routes to School is a Corvallis Spring Roll partner since our first event in 2011!

The Safe Routes to School (SR2S) movement is a national effort that supports students and families traveling to and from schools in ways that reduce traffic, increase safety, nurture healthy bodies, and contribute to clean, green living. Our SR2S partnership between schools, neighborhoods and community leaders enjoys the support of the Corvallis Police Department,  the City of Corvallis Transportation Department, the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition, and the Benton County Health Department.

One of our key SR2S activities is elementary schools’ monthly Walk/Bike to School (WB2S) Days. Also called, Great Start Days, these events usually take place on the first or second Wednesday of the month with some schools reporting more than 80 percent of their students participating.

Corvallis Bicycle Collective


Mid-Valley Bicycle Club