Corvallis Spring Roll is an all-volunteer organization powered by people who enjoy being active and we love taking kids along for the ride! Our bike-friendly community is full of opportunities for cyclists – for recreation, commuting and exercise – but the message is primarily crafted for adults. We believe in creating space for kid-focused bicycling experiences and we work to instill a childhood love of bicycling that lasts into the future . . . while having a bit of fun, too!

Currently, we operate under the fiscal sponsorship of Team Dirt – a local 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are registered as a non-profit organization with Oregon Department of Justice and are on the cusp of being recognized as a non-profit by the IRS, too.

Our People:

Ilene McClelland2015 ilene at event

Ilene (left) is the Event Chair/Coordinator and co-founder of Corvallis Spring Roll. As a kid, she could pop a mean wheelie on her purple Schwinn. In the fourth  grade, she rode a bike with hand brakes for the first time and stopped her wheelie with the front brake . . . and her face. (Arm cast for a week!) She’s the one you see checking the course on event day.

Stephanie Gunckel2014 Spring Roll-324

Stephanie started with Corvallis Spring Roll as a parent volunteer at our first event in 2011 and now serves as Vice Chair. She is our registration guru and impressed local law enforcement with her idea of printing parent contact info on the bibs every rider wears. She is our safety guru, too! She loves mountain biking, so it’s a good thing her dad taught her how to change a bike tire at a pretty early age.


Colin Cigarranbi plane in motion2014 Spring Roll-87

Colin joined Corvallis Spring Roll in 2012 and is the behind-the-scenes guy who gives life to our prize giveaways and Learn 2 Ride Station. You may remember the bi-plane bike from 2012 – he built it! Next time you see him, ask him to bring it to our next event.


Katy Kelly2014 Spring Roll-61

Katy (right) also joined Corvallis Spring Roll in 2012 and is the spirited fun behind our work. She is our favorite MC and her sense of community and inclusiveness has been a force behind our growing cycle fair. Her dog, Levi, while content to have Katy cart him around town in a bike trailer, secretly wishes his feet could reach the pedals.SpringRoll2011-05-15_48




Erin Scheessele2014 Spring Roll-291

Erin joined Corvallis Spring Roll in 2014 and is a huge advocate for keeping our activities locally-grown. Her love of art and science was her inspiration for approaching Corvallis Kinetics Lab to create a spin art machine. In fact, they built two! Her imagination will lead to great things at Corvallis Spring Roll!


Christy Acuna

Christy is the co-founder and former volunteer coordinator of Corvallis Spring Roll. During the first meeting with Ilene, Christy is the one who said the words, “there aren’t any bike events just for kids . . . ” and Corvallis Spring Roll sprang forth. We miss her now she’s moved away!



Corvallis Spring Roll was imagined by parent volunteers and staff at Corvallis Montessori School; that original planning committee has been volunteering together since our first event in May 2011. After more than doubling in size after our second event, we were encouraged by the greater bicycling community to become an independent organization. With so many bicycling groups out there, we’ve looked for ways to strengthen our partnerships with them while we grow.

And how we’ve grown! From 65 riders in 2011 to 268 riders in 2015, we’re working with our community partners to bring more and more kids to our event. Our mean participant age is 6 1/2.

While our committee has (mostly) moved on to various Corvallis 509j schools, we’ve stayed connected as friends who enjoy bringing Corvallis Spring Roll to the community. Join us!