Happy Bike Month!

May is National Bike Month! It all starts now.

Get There Corvallis. May 5-16.

Walk + Bike 2 School Day. May 7.

Bicycle Touring with Kids. May 8.

Kids and Bikes: Commuting and Community. May 14.

DIY Bike Repair. Every Tuesday in May.

Trail Work Parties. May 10 and 17.

Look at all these training opportunities for Corvallis Spring Roll! Are you registered? We’re trying to give away some t-shirts and a free registration– we’re nearly there. Pass along the likes and get us to 150!

Tomorrow we’ll start telling you about the fun experiences at Corvallis Spring Roll and the people who make them happen.

See you in the bike lane!


Registration opens tomorrow, April 17 . . . but you already knew that, didn’t you?

Did you know we’re giving away free t-shirts with our color logo to the first 50 registrants? Yes.

Corvallis Spring Roll is Sunday, June 1 at Cloverland Park in Corvallis. Cycle Fair and check-in/registration start at 10 am and the ride starts at 11 am. Come have some off-road fun with Team Dirt, swap bikes with Corvallis Bicycle Collective, practice bike safety with Corvallis Safe Routes to School and fit those helmets with Mid-Valley Bicycle Club! As always, we’re getting those goodie bags filled for the riders and giving away lots of prizes, too.

We’re saving more fun news for our next post  . . . and so on . . . so keep looking and keep liking! Yesss!


Big Day

Thank you to everyone who came to Corvallis Spring Roll today! We saw a lot of happy faces out there, and we hope you had just as much fun as we did! There were nearly 250 kids riding the race course and building their bike skills at our skills stations. A giant thank you to all our volunteers, community partners, and sponsors who made it happen. This is truly a community event.

Hope to see you at next year’s Corvallis Spring Roll . . . we’ll be getting ready. We hope you will, too.

See you in the bike lane!

(We’ll post pictures as they come in.)


Corvallis Spring Roll Eve

We’ve packed everything on our list and we’re ready to roll!

2013 loaded truck

These are things that wouldn’t fit in the bike trailer, so we put them in the truck. 😉

What’s on your list? Helmet . . . Bike . . . Kid . . . Water bottle . . . Extra bike  . . . you are bringing an extra bike, right? If you bring a bike in good working condition that your kid has outgrown, you can exchange it for another bike at the children’s bike swap. No exchange of money, just an exchange of bikes. The more bikes, the better!

Sunday, June 2. 10 am. Cloverland Park. See you there!



Registration is open. If it wasn’t working earlier, now is the time to try again. Thank you for being so patient.

We have a few more community partners to welcome: Soap Creek Collective will provide live music at the event, Soup Cycle will be on hand for soup sampling, and Dan Coyle – who is bringing some of his beautifully handcrafted wood helmets – will help us with helmet fittings before the race. Linus Pauling Institute also will be there with information about their Healthy Youth Program!

See you Sunday at Cloverland Park!





Magic Number

What’s it going to be?

1 (new bike we’re giving away to a lucky registered Corvallis Spring Roll participant)?

2 (toppings on a free Cirello’s mini-pizza for registered participants)?

20 (dollar gift certificate from The Toy Factory in our raffle prize drawing)?

50 (dollar gift certificate for a bike tune-up from Cyclotopia in our prize raffle)?

73 (degrees and sunny)?

100 (kids on bikes for the road ride)?

200 (gift cards for free smoothies from Jamba Juice in our swag bags)?

Help choose the magic number when you register. Pre-registration is open through Friday and reopens 10 am June 2 at Cloverland Park.

10 am for the Cycle Fair and registration, 11 am for the road ride. See you there!

resting bike


We predict June 2 will be a great day to be at Corvallis Spring Roll. Did you see the weather forecast? It looks like it will be perfect! Sunny, highs in the mid-70’s. Can’t get any better than that!

Make sure you pre-register online so you can avoid the lines at registration and spend more time at the cycle fair! There is so much to see and do, so come join the fun!

fix by CBC from CBC

Gearing Up

We’ve got the bike gear kids need, and we’re gearing up to give it away: Helmets. Headlights. Wheel lights. Water bottles. Backpacks. A new bike.

Those are just some of the things in our prize giveaway at Corvallis Spring Roll. Every registered participant is automatically entered into our prize giveaway and gets a swag bag with local goodies  . . . including a Corvalllis Spring Roll t-shirt! (That t-shirt is guaranteed if you register by May 24.)

Come see us at Cloverland Park on June 2!




The Details

Corvallis Spring Roll is down to the details now that we’re just under three weeks from our event June 2. The cycle fair is free and open to the public, but registration is required for the ride. Check us out!

Bike Safety. Corvallis Safe Routes 2 School will teach basic bicycle safety skills on a closed course. We’re on the cusp of summer, everyone’s favorite biking season, so it’s time to get ready to ride.

Children’s Bike Swap. Corvallis Bicycle Collective is bringing a children’s bike swap to Corvallis Spring Roll. Bring a bike to ride, bring a bike to swap, and get ready to roll.

Bike Giveaway. Registered participants are automatically entered into our prize raffle. Other local businesses have generously donated prizes, too. Win a helmet, a Yogurt Extreme gift card, bike lights . . . it’s a long list. Don’t forget to register!

Bike Skills. Off-road bicycling is fun, too! Test your skills or learn a few new ones on Team Dirt’s bike skills course.

Live Music. It’s always an event when the musicians show up.

Burritos! Every registered participant receives a ticket for a free mini-burrito courtesy of Laughing Planet. Tickets may be redeemed at their burrito cart on site at Corvallis Spring Roll.

Trick Out Your Bike. A bike can always use more bling.

bi plane

Thistledown Photography. Kids can pose with their bikes at Thistledown’s finish line. Free downloads for registered participants.

Creperie du Lys, LLC. Come for bikes, stay for crepes . . . or come for crepes and stay for bikes!

June 2. 10 am registration and cycle fair. Ride starts at 11 am.

We have a lot going on at Corvallis Spring Roll – it’s all about bikes and it’s all about kids. See you there!

Come for Bikes, Stay for Crepes

. . . or come for crepes and stay for bikes! Either way, Corvallis Spring Roll is the place to be Sunday, June 2. Creperie du Lys, LLC will be at our event again this year selling their locally-sourced, delicious crepes. Thank you to Creperie du Lys for being the kind of place that supports local products, local events, and local fun.

Look for all of us at Cloverland Park on June 2. See you there!

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