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Thank you for your generous support of Corvallis Spring Roll! This was our fourth annual community kids’ bike and trike event, and its success showed that this bike-friendly community knows how to have fun! More importantly, it demonstrated that Corvallis is invested in the health, safety, and spirit of its children. Volunteers, sponsors, and partners alike, we couldn’t have done it without you!

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On event day, June 1, 2014:

240 kids participated, a handful more than last year.

  • 2011: 65 participants
  • 2012: 153 participants
  • 2013: 234 participants

The mean age of participants was 6 years old. Our youngest rider was 1 year old and our oldest rider was 12.

three sizes of riders

Seven participants asked for and were awarded scholarships for the full cost of race registration, more than double from last year.

12 emerging riders participated in Learn to Ride.

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We distributed bike safety materials to all participants.

17 local organizations and businesses participated in the Cycle Fair.

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More than 40 people volunteered at the event.


24% of the participants were awarded 58 raffle prizes, one of which was a new bike.

Proceeds support Corvallis Spring Roll activities, including next year’s event. Our mission is to introduce and encourage bicycling as a fun, safe and healthy activity for kids throughout their lives. See you in the bike lane!


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