Kids’ Bike Swap

Thank you to the Corvallis Bicycle Collective for hosting a special bike swap just for kids! Here’s how it works:

1) Bring a kid’s bike in good working condition.

  • Have a broken bike? If it’s a simple fix, visit the Ask-A-Wrench station first, then bring it over to the swap.
  • No adult bikes please.

2 ) Trade it in and . . .

3) Ride away with a different bike – one the right size or with the right fit.

  • Happy kid, happy wallet.
  • If you don’t see another bike for swapping, please consider leaving the outgrown bike you brought. We’ll work with the Corvallis Bicycle Collective will find a good home for it.

So simple! No money involved… Of course, if you’d like to leave a donation we won’t say no. Donations can be made at the registration booth.

Please remember to park bikes you intend to keep but are not in use at the bike racks near the baseball field. We wouldn’t want a keeper bike to be confused as a trade-in. Thanks!



A big thanks to the Corvallis Bicycle Collective for bringing a kid’s bike swap to our event!